DB1NTO managed to create the smallest APRS transceiver in the world; it’s so small that i’m sure it’s hard to use with my big bear hands.

It is based off the very small and cheap Dorji DRA818V module I wrote about more than a year ago – a reader immediately saw the potential it had for APRS communications. The Dorji module is already a transceiver in itself (1W output RF amplifier included), it needed a GPS, a nice OLED display, a microcontroller, a Lithium battery and alot of code to make it work.

Taner Schenker DB1NTO took on this challenge and after months of very hard work, redesigns and a few damaged parts he managed to create this little jewel. It’s only 2x3x5.7 cm, weights a mind-boggling 38 grams and does almost everything you could hope an APRS transceiver would do.
For more information you should read this development forum topic, and this one as well. Big congratulations to Taner for this product, I hope it goes into production so we can all have one of these little toys.