Ampleon has recently introduced a new LDMOS device that pushes the envelope when it comes to broadband RF power transistors. But the 2.5kW power output and the 1 to 400MHz frequency operation range are not the only features that make the ART2K5TPU a truly unique device, as it also comes with dual integrated temperature sensors.

The previous top-of-the-range device (ART2K0FE) already had industry-leading specifications, but the ART2K5 improved on voltage handling (supply voltage required for nominal power is now 75V, up from 65V of the ART2KFE) and more importantly on the thermal figures, as the junction-to-case thermal resistance is only 0.064C/W (0.085 for the ART2K0FE and 0.090 for NXP’s MRFX1K80HR5).

The integrated thermal sensors are two FETs that share the die (for best thermal coupling) and the ground with the power transistors. By supplying an external voltage (of around 5V), the current draw varies with die temperature and will allow for improved bias thermal tracking or overheat protection. 

As the thermal sensors require additional pins on the packaging, the ART2K5TPU comes in Ampleon’s OMP-1230-6F-2, which is a variation of their overmolded plastic packaging we’ve seen on other devices. Looks like soldering to the copper spreader is the way to go.

No news yet on when the device will be available in retail, what the price will be or if it will be available in other packages, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Datasheet with more detailed information is available on Ampleon’s website.