Ever since the beginnings of my ham radio adventures i’ve been curious about operating from parts of the world the civilisation hasn’t reached yet; I guess it’s one of the few ways you can still be a hands-on pioneer these days. Dxpeditions, SOTA, IOTA, you name it, I want to see how it has been done and how was the feeling to do such a thing, what equipment did they use and what challenges they had to overcome, how they laid out their antennas or how much planning was put into.

Recently have been published two videos of DXpeditions that took place last year. The first one is 3D2C in Conway Reef, wich doesn’t have an embed option so you need to check this link out in order to view it:

3D2C Conway Reef 2012

 The second one is VP6T Pitcairn Island, you can check it out below:

There are also older DXpedition videos that I really enjoyed, made just like a documentary with plenty of info:

5A7A Libya (2006)

BS7H Scarborough Reef (1997) 

And finally, the oldest but best, AH1A Howland Island (1993)

I will probably post more of these, I still have alot in my list of favorites.