Ghe-O Rescue is the first creation coming out of the fresh romanian car manufacturer Ghe-O Motors. It is not a car, it is not an SUV and it is not even an offroad vehicle; it is an outright offroad monster. But first, look at this video:

You see what I mean, right ? Something that looks like Ronnie Coleman had intercourse with a Hummer, swims like a killer whale and can can pop Defenders out of snow like i’m popping Oreos out of the XL pack – well, you cannot call that anything less than a true monster.

And the name is kind fierce but in a funny way – Gheorghe is one of the most popular names in Romania and mostly used in the countryside; generally speaking, saying about someone that he’s a “Gheorghe”, you’re actually saying he’s a redneck of the most unrefined nature, who likes to solve problems trough the most obvious way. Like for example if the door is locked, Gheoghe will tear down the wall instead of looking for the key, just like this huge red bastard would probably do if you show it a wall with a door, locked or unlocked.

Freakishly monstrous nature aside, the Ghe-O Rescue is designed as a true rescue vehicle for the least accesible areas: it can efortlessly climb mountains, drive on soft snow and float on water – and comes with a set of accesories that improve some of those capabilities. It also has a 620 liter tank for firefighting missions and can fit up to 11 people plus medical equipment inside it’s huge belly. Talking about huge, it is 5.2 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and 2.39 meters tall – considerably larger that a Hummer H1, while at 3200Kg it is several hundred Kg lighter. The engines range from 218HP and 304HP diesels to 340 and 500HP in gasoline flavour and they are protected from water and electromagnetic pulses.

No news about prices or availability yet, but for those emergency communications freaks out there – this might be the be-all-end-all – throw in a nice selection of HF, VHF and UHF equipment, maybe a repeater deployment kit and you cand have a network ready in no time, anywhere.

The manufacturer’s website is here: Ghe-O Motors, but seeing this just launched this week and it appears to raise alot of interest, it moves rather slow. The company owner also owns the largest and most proffessional personal security company in Romania (BGS) and he built this because he wanted somthing better than a mere Humvee when extreme situations demanded. They have other insane offroad vehicles on their website as well, these people seem to be really passionate about offroad sports.

Update: i had the chance to see it live yesterday, it’s just as impressive as you would expect. Also got some pricing info, about 75.000 EUR for the basic version and 120.000 EUR for the “all optionals included” one. Not bad, if you ask me; the cheapest Ghe-O vehicle is about 35.000 EUR, by the way.