Elecraft KX3 is one of the most interesting transceivers on the market today: very high performance, very low current drain, very lightweight – all of these are possible thanks to SDR technology. When it came out Elecraft promised a VHF module will be available at some point, and after a long time and some delays, the KX3-2M add-on is finally listed on their website and available for order.

The 2m module simply mounts on top of the internal ATU – if you don’t have the internal ATU option, you need the NOATU version wich is more expensive; it makes more sense to get the internal ATU for US$140 than pay an extra US$30 for the special 2m module.

It provides 120-165 MHz coverage with sensitivity centered around the 144-148 MHz band, about 3W of RF output and increases the recieve current drain to about 350mA. Claimed MDS is about -145dBm, there is DTMF and FM repeater support and has it’s own antenna connector, separated from the HF+6m one. There is also a version for the 4m band, but there aren’t too many details out on that one.