Steve Jobs and was undoubtedly one of the most influencial persons of the last 30 years when it comes to communications and computer technology, and his approach to both technological solutions and product marketing is something to be studied for many years from now. At the origins of what many call “Steve Jobs‘ genius” stands also the right enviroment and opportunities from his youth, and this interview shows how Jobs admits that as a kid, spending time with an amateur radio operator neighbour was an eye-opener for him towards electronics and how people percieve certain technology-centered products. The guy’s name is Larry Lang and he was an enginer at HP at the time, and he showed Steve how to build Heathkit radios; unfortunately, his callsign eludes my Google-Fu. Skip to 05:40 into the video if you are looking especially for this part, but the whole video is worth watching if you have a spare 60 minutes or so.

Also, his partner since before Apple Computer ever existed, Steve Wozniak, is also a ham radio operator since he was 6, initally WV6VLY and then WA6BND. Wozniak built his first radio when he was 10 years old and his passion and enthusiasm for electronics and technology was one of the huge assets in the first days of Apple Computer. But don’t trust my word, watch this video (after about 2 minutes in):