Hopefully these days we will finally get a bit of solar activity and of course, a bit of 10m openings. The number of sunspots continuously grew in the last five days (60 > 63 > 88 > 90 to 115 today), the SFI is a mediocre 115 and in the next few days quiet to unsettled  geomegnetic levels are expected.

I had the chance to work a bit in 10m SSB and I got 2 new entities (GU3UOQ – Guernsey and XT2TT – Burkina Faso), it still appears to be open right now (about 19:00) as I am recieveing strong stations from South America on JT65-HF (LU5FD, PY2VM etc), as well as ZS1AW from South Africa. Unfortunately 10W doesn’t really cut it for me, I guess JT65 is indeed a low signal mode and not a low power mode.