Finally, the replacement for the very successful Yaesu FT-817nd is about to see the light of day. After rumors about the Yaesu FT-818 have been circulating for about 8 years, we get to see the first details on the new portable QRP all-band all-mode transceiver from Yaesu.

Update: Yaesu FT-818nd user manual published

At some point the name Yaesu FT-791 surfaced, as well as a story about an un-named “FT-817 replacement project” that was rejected by the Yaesu management after a long development. However, it looks like the name that “stuck” was the FT-818, and just a few hours ago the FCC released the test results in receive mode for it.

What we know so far is that is covers 0.1 to 470MHz, it is still a superheterodyne receiver, comes with a BNC connector and it’s battery operated. Although the specs say “tri-band”, FCC reports coverage over 4 bands: 0.01-30MHz, 50-54MHz, 76-154MHz and 420-470MHz.

All data points to an extremely outdated concept (superheterodyne ? you need to learn about SDR at some point Yaesu, people have been using it for 20 years) that still lacks the 70MHz band because of the obvious reason (same with FT-891 and FT-991): IF around 69MHz. If I’d have to guess, I say they just refreshed the FT-817 because of obsolete parts and maybe they added a few recent features.

Full USB interface (CAT + audio), (much) larger screen, LiPo internal battery, 10W output, IF-DSP are some of the features that just HAVE to be there in a 2018 radio.

More documents (including a user manual) will be released early August 2018, which means we will get to see it live at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2018.

Details can be found (the easy way) on this website or (the hard way) if you go to the FCC website and search for Grantee Code K66 & Product Code 03770X30.