XTRX is a mini-PCIe implementation of the Lime Microsystems LMS7002M RF IC aimed at the embedded environment, done by Fairwaves. It is now available through a crowdfunding campaign.

The XTRX’s main features are the integrated GPSDO (GPS Disciplined Oscillator), the compact size (just 30x51mm) and the 120MHz max RF bandwidth (!). Such a wide bandwidth generates a very large volume of data, so only a high-speed low-latency port like the PCIe can handle it. The FPGA used in conjuction with the LMS7002M is the 33k cell, low power Xilinx Artix-7 35T.



The radio specs are what you could expect from a LMS7002M transceiver: 10Mhz-3.7Ghz coverage (100kHz-3.8GHz at reduced performance), 12-bit ADC and 0-10dBm TX power. The XTRX is now crowdfunding on Crowd Supply and the bare XTRX board is US$199.


See more details on Crowd Supply.