ESDR is a portable SDR transceiver with HF coverage that is supposed to be released in August. The ESDR features a large color display, digimode decoder/keyer, 2x USB ports and micro-SD card. The required supply voltage is 12.6V and the maximum output power is 30W.

ESDR‘s large color LCD shows supply voltage, current draw, battery level and final stage temperature, are all very important parameters when working portable. Time and date are a nice addition too.

ESDR‘s size and ergonomics seem to be inspired by the Elecraft KX3. Not the ideal concept for a rugged field radio, but provides easy access to most controls and allows space for such a large screen.

Connector side: yes, two USB ports. A keyboard can be connected for standalone digital modes use, and the micro-SD card is used for storing the log.

The 32-bit processor behind all this is from the Microchip PIC32MZ family. Because this hasn’t yet been officially announced features are probably still being developed – hopefully spectrum/waterfall display will be ready by August. Expected price around US$ 500 (!).