I will be joining Sorin YO2MSB in a YO SOTA Marathon across the Carpathian mountains in Romania, looking to activate about 10 peaks in 5 days, most of them being 10 points. We don’t have a strict schedule because this still depends on good weather, but this is what you should be expecting:

August 11th: YO/MC-078 (10pts), YO/MC-052 (10pts), YO/MC-50 (10pts)
August 12th: YO/MC-007 (10pts), YO/MC-049 (10pts)
August 13th: YO/MC-086 (8pts), YO/MC-009 (10pts)
August 14th: YO/MC-006 (10pts), YO/MC-008 (10pts)
August 15th: YO/EC-252 (6pts), YO/EC-331 (6pts), YO/EC-428 (4pts)

We will be joined at some points by other operators and we plan on working multiple bands and multiple modes in order to offer these peaks to as many chasers as possible. Also, we will try a night time activation on YO/MC-006 on 100W to give the chance to DX stations to work this peak.

Please keep an eye on Sotawatch for alerts and spots.