Month: July 2016

Onion Omega2 – $5 WiFi Linux computer

The Onion Omega2 is a miniature Linux computer with integrated storage and WiFi connectivity. It runs on Linux so it supports many programming languages such as C++, Python, PHP, nodeJS etc, plus there are apps you can install for different purposes. The base Omega2 model costs just US$ 5 and comes with a 580MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 16MB storage, b/g/n WiFi, 15 GPIO ports, 2x PWM, 2xUART pins and I2C, SPI and I2S interfaces. There is also an Omega2 Plus version that is currently US$ 9 and has 128MB RAM, 32MB onboard storage and an MicroSD slot, which might...

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Baofeng UV-50X3 – new mobile radio

Baofeng just launched the UV-50X3 triband mobile radio and it looks like a jab, cross and left hook to the established japanese manufacturers who were caught dreaming about DMR, C4FM, D-STAR and other leprechauns. Yes, the chinese manufacturers aren’t creative, but they are really good at copying stuff and manufacturing it for a fraction of the price, so the resemblance to some japanese models shouldn’t surprise you. Or maybe the Yaesu FTM-350AR ? Kenwood TM-d710 looks a bit similar, don’t you think ?     The tri-band FM Baofeng UV-50X3 can transmit in 3 amateur radio bands (2m and...

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