Baojie BJ-UV55 is the latest thing to come out of China in terms of amateur dualband (VHF + UHF) transceivers. As one being familiar with recent history should expect, it should be sporting a a very nice price, a nice package of features and a good build quality; and of course, some imperfections that an inexprienced company would make.

chinese Baojie transceiver

Yes, Baojie does sound like Baofeng, probably they’re not related but the products seem to go by the same style; also, the BJ-UV55’s menu apparently looks alot like (read that: almost identical to) the Baofeng UV-5R’s.

The price is around what the hype-turned-to-dissapointment Wouxun KG-920P should have been: US$215 shipped from China. It covers 136 to 174 Mhz at 45W transmit power and 400 MHz to 470 Mhz at 35W output, sensitivity seems decent around 0.2uV, selectivity and intermodulation are OK and the 128 memory channels are more than enough for an amateur. CTCSS/DCS supported, dual frequency display, cross band operation.

The only thing you can really pick on: it doesn’t have an integrated speaker. Not sure what the manufacturer was thinking and what market they were targeting, but this thing really needs to be a do-it-all cheap mobile radio for VHF/UHF, and for that a speaker is … shall we say, pretty important.

For more info about the thing, please visit the product page. I see it can be ordered on and also can be found on eBay; also sold under the name HYS TC-UV55.

PS: Yes, I know I havent posted here in a long time, hopefully I’ll have more time from now on. I haven’t really been on the air either.