Month: August 2015

Yaesu’s new HF radio, FT-410

Yaesu FT-410 seems to be the latest HF radio to surface from Japan, and from the looks of it it’s the successor of FT-600 to fight the Icom IC-718 and Alinco SRT-8/9 series. It’s still not FCC approved and probably still has a long way to retail, but it’s nice to know what to expect in the following months. The Yaesu FT-410 is a pretty basic radio, operating in the 30kHz-30MHz* range (160m to 10m amateur bands), 100W AM/SSB/CW, with first IF at 67.899MHz and a secondary one at 24kHz that goes directly into DSP. Judging by that arrangement,...

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YO SOTA Marathon 2015 – the story

This was a natural evolution to the YO SOTA Tour 2014 from last year, only this time we decided to make it bigger, better, longer and harder. We added summits and regions, we increased the number of points, we got much more activators to join in and we were on the air for longer, on more bands and more modes. We got the chance to spend more time with people bound by the same passion, field-test alot of radio equipment, antennas and logging methods and give the chance to alot more chasers to log in a contact with a...

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Icom reveals first SDR, IC-7300

Saturday, August 22nd 2015, during the Tokyo Ham Fair 2015, Icom revealed their first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF transceiver, the IC-7300, sporting HF+6m+4m coverage, 100W, touchscreen TFT display and an internal antenna tuner. More than 12 years after the SDR technology became comercially available for amateur radio and after dozens of smaller companies have used it successfully in their products – some of wich are now at the third generation SDR products, one of “the big three” amateur radio equipment manufacturers finally decided to move their technology to the 21st century, too. Although details are scarce and most...

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YO SOTA Marathon 2015 starting this wekend

The long awaited YO SOTA Marathon 2015 will be officially starting on Monday, August 10th 2015, and compared to last year we will up the stakes: from 8 to 16 summits, from 80 to 136 points, instead of 5 activators now we will have 12 activators split into 2 teams and the whole thing will last 6 days instead of 5. This should also be a chaser’s delight: the summits point average is 8.5, we will be active on both SSB and CW, we will work until the last chaser and all the activations will be spotted on the cluster. For me this will be an even larger challenge since I plan to activate 4 more summits in the weekend before the marathon starts. So expect alot of SOTA activity from Romania starting tomorrow ! For more details about the YO SOTA Marathon 2015, you can download and check out this...

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