The YO SOTA Marathon is a mountain hiking and amateur radio event that takes place every year in the beautiful Carpathian mountains of Romania, being supported by the “Romania’s Radioclub” Association (ARR). The purpose is to operate radio equipment from mountain tops in the Summits On The Air award scheme, and is open to anyone interested in amateur radio. It lasts about a week (during August) and presents the chance to gather a large number of points in the award scheme.

Local SOTA activators view the YO SOTA Marathon as a great opportunity to get together every year, but everybody is welcome – expenses are generally low and we are very friendly people. If you can’t make the trip or you’re just not interested in the activating part of SOTA, you can always chase the activators troughout the bands.

YO SOTA Marathon 2017 (14-19 August 2017)

The YO SOTA Marathon of 2017 will take place in the north-west of Romania, in the heart of Transylvania. It will include 15 summits of the Apuseni Natural Park, for a total of 120 activator points. The area is beautiful and I always wanted to visit it, so I’m very happy it’s included in the 2017 SOTA Marathon (expect a full set of articles on this blog). Here are the scheduled activations:

Monday 14th Aug 2017:
YO/WC-001 Curcubata Mare (8)
YO/WC-220 Piatra Graitoare (8)
YO/WC-052 Tapu (8)

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017:
YO/WC-002 Vladeasa (8)
YO/WC-043 Tarnita (8)
YO/WC-044 Varfurasu (8)

Wednesday 16th Aug 2017:
YO/WC-045 Silha (8)
YO/WC-049 Cota 1602 (8)
YO/WC-053 Ticlaul (8)

Thursday 17th Aug 2017:
YO/WC-058 Magura Calatele (8)
YO/WC-055 Piatra Fulgerata (8)
YO/WC-050 Varful Rosu (8)

Friday 18th Aug 2017:
YO/WC-046 Magura Vanata (8)
YO/WC-221 Batranii (8)
YO/WC-222 Calineasa (8)

Saturday 19th Aug 2017:
Field day: SOTA chasing, WWFF activation, antenna field testing

We have foreign guests attending the event every year. If interested in taking part in the YO SOTA Marathon, you can contact Sorin YO2MSB (or leave a message below and I’ll pass the info along).

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