Month: March 2016

3 years later

I started this blog 3 years ago, a few months after I got my first amateur radio license and about the same time I got my @YO9IRF Twitter account. Looking back, I was less active thant I wanted (about one post every two weeks, on average) so I hope to improve that in the future. I posted stuff that I’d like to remember years later (like the YO SOTA Marathon or many other SOTA activations), interesting stuff that I wanted to keep my eyes on (like the Xiegu X1M cheap QRP transceiver), I posted a few opinions of my...

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Icom IC-7300 review

Icom IC-7300 is the first direct sampling SDR (software defined radio) available from one of the “big three” japanese manufacturers. This helps it bring a whole new level of performance at an accesible price point, a much more flexible configuration and a set of features only seen in top-of-the line equipment. Real-time panadapter or fully customizable filters are just the tip of the iceberg.   Sure, amateur equipment has been using for a long time various levels of digital signal processing (DSP), but usually this was done in the last part of the receive chain, where it mostly impacted...

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