Month: February 2016

Icom IC-7300 schematic

Icom IC-7300’s schematic just became available, and you can get it here: Icom IC-7300 Schematic diagram Not everything is revealed, the RX-ADC is still a blank rectangle although many suspect the LTC2208 is used. Enjoy...

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Odyssey TRX – open-source SDR DDC/DUC transceiver

To be honest, there are so many important things I feel I need to mention about this project I don’t even know where to start ! Odyssey TRX is an DDC/DUC SDR transceiver covering 0.1-55MHz with a transmit power of 10mW. It is open source, wich means the community can (and probably will) develop it further to add particular functions and features. It is high-performance, claims VERY impressive receiver and transmitter figures and can control external filters, antenna selection, an automatic tuner or PTT. The Odyssey TRX supports 2 independent software receivers and is compatible with alot of the...

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Nice external power pack for SOTA

I just found the ultimate power pack for when going outdoors and working portable. It is called the  Goal Zero Sherpa 50, weights only 544 grams and has 5V USB (to recharge phones/tablets), 19V @ 5A (to recharge laptops) as well as 12V @ 8A (more than enough for any QRP transceiver) outputs. What I really like about it is the fact that it includes all the electronics necessary to manage charging, balancing and protecting the battery plus the converters that transform a wide range of input (14 to 25V) and internal battery voltages to 19V,  12V and 5V for the...

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Icom IC-7300 available in Japan

Icom IC-7300 is already available in Japan and indeed it’s surprisingly affordable. Fujimusen (translation) has the 100W version in stock and it sells for 150984 yen including taxes, wich is 1325 USD / 1183 EUR / 916 GPB. Indeed, Icom chose for the IC-7300 a very agressive market position, the Icom IC-7100 being listed for 170640 yen and the Yaesu FT-991 189000 Yen on the same shop. But this is not all, because one other large japanese shop (Yamamoto) listed the Icom IC-7300 on Amazon Japan (translation) for 128000 yen (1124 USD / 1003 EUR / 776 GPB), with...

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Icom IC-7300 first impressions from AB4BJ

Update: IC-7300 available in Japan The Icom IC-7300 is definetely the talk of the town in this moment and any news about it spreads around really quickly. For those not yet familiar with it,  this is the first direct-sampling SDR transceiver from one of the big three manufacturers,and for more detail you can check out my previous article about it: Icom reveals first SDR, IC-7300. William Jourdain AB4BJ managed to get his hands on an Icom IC-7300, play around with it a little and post a few videos, enough for us to get a better idea on what the...

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Sci-fi series Colony starring Baofeng UV-5R

Colony is a new sci-fi action series set in the near future – the planet is apparently invaded by aliens, the people of Los Angeles are walled in and the city is held under strict military control. It is starring the guy from Lost, the chick from Walking Dead, the guy from House MD and Apollo Creed. Drama, action, mistery, patrolling killer drones, cool stuff. And don’t tell me you didn’t see it, because I know you did: there’s a damn Baofeng UV-5R on the table, right in the middle of their family drama scene. All the forces in...

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