Month: November 2014

Yaesu FT-991 – full details and pricing

Some time ago I was posting about the replacement for the FT-897 from Yaesu, the FT-991. It is an all-band, all-mode radio with integrated tuner, 3.5″ TFT touch display and 32-bit IF DSP. Recently the Yaesu FT-991 has been listed on various sites and so the pricing has been revealed: – Gigaparts (USA): US$ 1800 (discounted to 1699)– Universal Radio (USA): US$ 1800 (discounted to 1699.95)– Ham Radio Outlet (USA): US$ 1699.95– Nevada Radio (UK): £ 999.00 (equivalent of US$ 1563)– (Netherlands):  € 1469.00 (equivalent of US$ 1842)The item is supposed to hit the shelves sometime in the spring of 2015. Of course, prices vary a bit and when there will be availability they will probably settle to a lower value. At the current average listed price I think it’s overpriced, partly because of the useless but expensive implementation of C4FM. It’s main competitor in the market is the Icom IC-7100 wich retails at about US$ 1275, but has been initially listed (early 2013) around US$ 1600. There has been created an official page for the FT-991 on the Yaesu website. The user manual can be downloaded at the moment from Hans’ (PD0AC) blog but they should pop up on the official website anytime...

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About the Rosetta comet landing mission

The Rosetta mission to study Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is getting ready to land the Philae probe on the comet surface, and it will be webcasted live: The comet’s magntic field oscillates at about 40-50miliHerz, and somebody translated the signal into audible spectrum, you can listen to it here: The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Platige Image studios made a short movie / trailer to honor the event. It’s called AMBITION and can be viewed...

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VHF/UHF transceiver module for US$12 – Dorji DRA818

Dorji 808/818 are a series of FM transceiver modules based on RDA Micro’s RDA1845/6 chipsets (yes, the ones in the Baofeng / Pofung handhelds). They offer either VHF (134-174MHz) or UHF (400-470MHz) coverage, 0.5-1W RF power output, CTCSS/DCS and -122dBm sensitivity in a a package about the size of a coin (19mm*36mm). It really is a wonder of technology, packing the transceiver, DSP module and PA section in such a small footprint, that only retails for US$12: Basically you only have to add a few parts to have a complete transceiver, so not need to wonder anymore how does Baofeng manage to manufacture and sell handhelds for US$30 and still make a profit. You can probably do it yourself for even less: US$5 microcontroller, US$3 LCD, a US$2 audio amplifier and you can make your first QSO. There are 3 models out there: – DORJI 808M, based on RDA1845, lacks DCS and DSP audio filter, UHF only– DORJI 818U, based on RDA1846, has DCS and audio high-pass/low-pass/pre-emphasis, UHF– DORJI 818V, based on RDA1846, has DCS and audio high-pass/low-pass/pre-emphasis, VHF More details on the Dorji...

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