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Icom IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF SDR transceiver – 144MHz to 10GHz

Icom has just announced the IC-905 SHF SDR transceiver that covers 144MHz, 430Mhz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.6GHz and (with the help of an optional module) 10GHz.

Originally dubbed “project SHF” and then “SHF-P1”, the new IC-905 sports a control unit is based on the portable HF/VHF/UHF IC-705. However, because of the challenges of such high frequencies, all RF circuitry is installed in a separate unit designed to be mounted very close to the antenna. The two units are connected via a LAN cable and even more suprising, the RF unit uses POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) technology.

Main specs at a glance for the Icom IC-905:

  • frequency coverage: 144MHz, 430MHz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.6GHz and (optionally) 10GHz Amateur Radio bands
  • power output: 10W on 144/430/1.2GHz, 2W on 2.4/5.6GHz, 0.5W on 10GHz
  • AV Input and Output for ATV
  • USB-C connector (finally!)

The 10GHz module (CX-10G) is optional but it sure makes for a great QO-100 earth station. Frequency accuracy is guaranteed thanks to a GNSS (GPS) unit that keeps the OCXO in check.

As I said, the control unit is based on the IC-705 and while from front they look almost identical, the side connectors are completely different.

The RF unit (or “module”) meant to be installed at the antenna is an IPX-5 rated waterproof solid piece of metal, using N and SMA antenna connectors.

ATV operation is also a first for Amateur Radio transceivers. The IC-905 can even display video directly on its screen, which I find is the coolest feature yet.

There are also new optional accessories being introduced, for example the AH-24, AH-56 and AH-100 antennas for 2.4, 5.6 and 10GHz.

No idea on price or availability as of now, but feel free to watch the Icom official launch video here:

And a picture of the original promo poster, highlighting main features:

Razvan: Interested in computers, electronics, building radio equipment, portable/SOTA operations and SDR. I think amateur radio is all about building, experimenting and testing new stuff. Licensed M0HZH / YO9IRF.

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  • Very interesting. I like amateur television so would look into getting 2 of the IC905s so I and club members could experiment with ATV /DATV? and the less familiar ham bands 1.2GHz and above. 10watts also.means possible field use potential.
    Not sure of expected price tag?
    £1200:00 maybe?

  • 220 and 903 are only available in North and South America. Too bad, but imagine putting your transcerter on your tower.

    Is it not full duplex? Can you still program a memory with different receive and transmit bands for satellite use?

    • You may be able to program different frequencies for RX and TX (I have no idea if this is possible with this particular radio) but without full duplex that's really not that great when working satellites.

  • Although nice, it's too much radio. Menu's and sub menu's.
    Complicated.... I prefer old school, seat of the pants tech. Turn a knob, find your frequency.
    Manually adjust your SWR, etc..
    I didn't see the price tag, but I'm guessing the average amateur won't be able to afford it.
    Time to come back to Earth.....

  • Good rig
    Give hi bands to no home made shf experts .
    Semiduplex is possible with normal split (as a 817 i use on oscar100)
    Vfo 1 tx vfo2 rx.

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