UPDATE: starting May 1st 2016 Copy.com will stop offering their cloud storage services.

Copy is the hottest thing right now in free cloud storage solutions. Yes, everybody loves Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive are trying the same thing with moderate success, but none are really offering enough space to sync all your docs. Enter Copy, with 15GB of free cloud storage and the possibility to get infinitely more (still free), backed up by the data storage and backup giant Barracuda Networks and with a rapid growth during the last few months.

What is cloud storage ?

For someone who is not familiar with cloud storage yet, this is how it basically works: you install the Copy software on each of your computers, laptops, smartphones, tables and whatever else runs a compatible operating system and you designate a folder on each device and that folder will be copied and then kept in sync across all devices and also on the Copy servers. Whenever you edit a file on one device, the new version will be copied on the other devices as well, so if you add a new set of pictures for example on your tablet it will almost instantly be available on your desktop; of course, on mobile devices by default the content in only uploaded – so it won’t clutter your smartphone with huge amounts of data and kill your dataplan, but if you want to download something from the cloud it’s readily available. They have apps for Windows, Android and IOS so no issue there. You have the possibility to share some files or folders from your Copy folder to others, and while it’s shared you also share the space taken: a 1GB file shared with 3 other users will be accesible to all 4 of you and will only take 256MB out of each one’s space.

What do I use my Copy folder for ?

Well, I personally have a few GB’s of technical documents for various projects I’m working on, backups for websites I work on, the database for the accounting/invoicing software, an upload folder synced with my smartphone, Outlook archives etc. It’s great to have all that data available from the home computer, the work computer, the laptop, the smartphone and even from the web interface if need be. Being a veteran Dropbox and Google Drive user, the move to Copy allowed me to keep much more info in the cloud and just into one place, running just one app – and avoid the Google Drive’s insane terms of service that says they are basically allowed to redistribute and repurpose your files: Copy says is clearly, your data is only yours.

 So how do I get it ?

You can simply go to the Copy.com website and register, but if you use this link for registering, you will get a 5GB bonus for a total of 20GB. Then download the app for your device, install it, assign a folder and you’re set, it will silently do it’s job without bothering you.

Please let me know what you think after you’ve installed it in the comments below, especially if you used other similar services before. Referrer links allowed, spread the love.

Register to Copy (link removed, service is not available anymore).